Experience Healing at a Deeper Level

True change can not be accomplished superficially.  Man’s remedies alone are nothing more than a list of do’s and don’ts that will, if anything, deliver temporal results.  True healing is an inside job and can only be accomplished through help coming from Jesus, the Great Physician who created us.  We are all unique in various ways and our struggles and challenges are as well.  For this very reason, each individual’s program must be personalized to meet their specific needs.  Therefore the One who put you together in your mother’s womb knows exactly what it will take to move you in line with who He created you to be.  Jesus, aka Jehovah Rapha (the Lord who heals) desires to heal you and set you free.   Click here for additional information.    

The Counseling Approach

Most of the problems people face are multi-faceted and require a personized plan of action.  As three-part beings having a body, soul and spirit, all three areas are affected in some way or another, and all three need to be involved in the healing process.  Tucker Counseling Services’ approach is Theocentric, a Christ-centered evidenced-based Spirit led, clinical process that takes each client on a personal journey to find the self-destructing rooted issues housed within the heart. There are defining reasons why people do what they do, and these culprits need to be assessed and properly processed to experience a true-life change.  Soul damage is always multi-faceted and must be viewed as such.  Clients are treated through a holistic process that focuses on the physical body, emotional wounds, relationships, families, strongholds, addictions, spiritual warfare and the essential nature of God’s redemptive formulas which include:


  1. Assess truth with love – Understanding the problem at a systemic level marks the beginning of all change (body, soul and spirit). We utilize a variety of assessment material and tools to reveal the problems for the purpose of applying a remedy. Truth, as revealed by the Holy Spirit, is the gift that opens the doorway to freedom. We believe it is the life-line of all potential change. We talk language of the heart, and allow people to present their needs and situations authentically, in a nonjudgmental, non-condemning atmosphere.
  2. Treat Root Causes – There are absolute reasons for immoral, unhealthy and ungodly behavior, and with those reasons come real, actual solutions – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  We assess issues of the past to identify wounds, triggers, patterns and areas of trauma. However, we don’t stay in the past. We walk back only to reclaim areas of the heart that were under the influence of lies and hurts. Healing requires feeling, which means part of the process is to face and feel feelings that had been previously medicated, buried, escaped, or stuffed. All remedy comes through the power of forgiveness, and the reality of God’s constant presence, grace and mercy, doing for us what we cannot do for ourselves. Thus, all revelation gained about past injuries will contain a redemptive focus.  It is hard to move forward when undealt with issues are holding us back.
  3. Educating and Equipping – Awareness is the first step towards change. Once we are able to see the problem for what it really is, we are ready to identify and implement the proper pathway towards the solution. Clearly understanding the problem as well as what it will take to get free and stay free are key components.  is the beginning Life skills teach men and women how to walk out the Christian life practically.  Goals, planning and other tools allow men and women to leave prepared with practical, real ways to walk out a life of true freedom. Spiritual growth and intimacy with God is encouraged through the structure of building a personal relationship with Him, spending daily time with Him, a big step beyond merely knowing about Him.  He must become our number one go to.  We must intentionally and regularly meet with Him in what His word calls “the secret place”.  
  4. Identify Triggers – Triggers must be identified before an effective relapse prevention plan can be implemented. This plan will include ongoing support. No matter how successful treatment may be, these triggers contain potential risks, and they must be openly discussed and validated with a clearly defined plan of action in place.
  5. Develop Relationship Skills – God created us to live in relationships. My goal is to inject new relationship tools that will allow the individual to begin to approach relationships from a new and fresh perspective. We support healthy families and marriages, and believe it’s God’s heart to implement reconciliation processes.
  6. Plan for Life – A comprehensive plan is written and reviewed with family members (if applicable) to assure the safety, security, boundary structure, expectations and accountability needs of the individual and family members involved.

Personal Application: A very important part of the healing process is learning that there is an actual solution, a pathway to freedom, and then intentionally and regularly utilizing it.  But most importantly, there is an additional piece to the equation, a Helper, and He is the only One able to implement true inner healing and true change with sustaining power (a process called transformation). His name is Jesus and He accomplishes this through the Holy Spirit! 

Being an active participant in your healing process is a necessity. Clients engage in a personalized process that is initiated by completing an information gathering assignment. The assessment outcomes along with discernment will provide what is necessary to produce a viable treatment plan.  Clients must commit to being completely engaged in all aspects of their objectives. By doing so, they will experience freedom and an understanding of themselves through the perspective of God’s heart.  Learning to implement what is necessary to stay free is just as important as getting set free.  Living In relationship/partnership with Jesus not only sets us free but will keep us free. 

Your Physical Health and Wellness also Matters

Taking care of your body is also an important part of the recovery process. Years of physically abusing it can hinder it’s ability to properly function in many ways. We work with a specialist to uncover potentially damaged areas needing nutrition and diet adjustments. This component is available for an additional fee.  Click here for additional Health & Wellness information.