Online / Virtual Counseling

Online Counseling has become a new standard for receiving help in the privacy, comfort and convenience of your own home.  For many years, I have brought treatment solutions not only to local homes with special needs, but also to those struggling to find help nationally and internationally.  The ability to receive in-home care as a standard practice has made healing options available to everyone regardless of location or condition, and the user friendly technology available today has made this valuable option simpler to use with most computers, tablets and smartphones.     

Online Counseling allows you the luxury of taking care of your own personal needs while not neglecting family, business, or other important responsibilities.  Help is available!

Treatment Packages

Online services have become the “go to” solution for many of the hindrances people face when treatment becomes necessary.  Although recovery should be your most important focus, being most important doesn’t mean that your other responsibilities disappear.  A good treatment plan will define treatment priorities and make necessary adjustments throughout the process.  Unhealthy and ungodly behaviors, left undealt-with, can ruin marriages, businesses, careers, public image, health, finances and much more.  Don’t wait until it is too late! 

Why choose Online Treatment?

Whether you have an image to protect, or just feel safer working through sensitive issues from within the privacy, comfort and convenience of your own home, you’ll find this approach is the perfect option.  Many professionals, pastors, police officers, school teachers, gov’t officials, celebrities, etc. have chosen this option and successfully received the help and healing they needed.  

What does Online Treatment Include?

This option starts with a free phone consultation to assess whether this approach is a proper fit.  If so, moving forward will include an in-depth intensive assessment, an initial evaluation, a treatment plan, online counseling sessions, online classes, assignments, ongoing evaluation and an aftercare plan. 

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