Addiction Help for Pastors - Onsite & Online

If you are a pastor struggling with addiction issues or immoral behavior, you’re not alone and there is hope and help for you.  The affliction of addiction is very real, definitely not uncommon amongst clergy, and can be seriously damaging if not properly dealt with.  Just as there are clear reasons for addictive behavior, there is also an absolute solution, a pathway to true freedom. I have assisted and witnessed many lives forever changed by dealing with the root causes of their problems through the powerful transforming hand of our Lord Jesus Christ.  He is the Great Physician, the only one able to truly expose, disclose, dispose of, and heal the damages caused by deep rooted contributors.  Receive the help you need without fear of being exposed.  Schedule your free confidential consultation today.

Kneeling with the Brethren

Kneeling with, and helping kingdom soldiers who have stumbled is my calling. Finding good, safe, confidential and effective help for pastors is typically not easy.   But as a pastor myself that struggled with addiction issues for many years, I’m very familiar with the struggles clergy face and also very familiar with the pathway to freedom.  A pastor struggling with addictive behaviors is not uncommon.  Quite the contrary, pastors in need of help are more common than one would think. They have the same human struggle’s others have but, in most cases, are under much more of a spiritual attack than the average person with less outside resources for obvious reasons.  Who can they tell without jeopardizing or losing something?  Remember, fear, shame, guilt, and condemnation are not of God.  Satan tempts, and when sin is conceived, he quickly accuses, shames and guilts.  Jesus says, just come to me and I will clean you up.  There are tangible reasons why people struggle, and when properly dealt with, the enemy loses his grip and freedom prevails. 

Will anyone find out about my struggles?

Not unless you tell them. Anyone entering treatment is protected from public knowledge.  Pastors can enjoy the anonymous safeguard they deserve.  Many approach and convey their treatment experience to others as a sabbatical, an equipping, a time away to learn about addiction and the Biblical solution.  Over the years, we’ve witnessed many pastors find freedom and restoration, and then utilize what they’ve learned to help others within their own congregation find freedom.

There is one that comes to steal, kill and destroy!

There are very few limits to Satan’s schemes and tactics and when a doorway is opened, he will set up camp on a mission to destroy anything and everything he has access to. The immediate family (those closest) usually feel the initial brunt, but eventually it affects everyone attached in all areas of life.  

Who does a challenged pastor safely turn to for help?

The Biblical approach and secular approach are literally worlds apart.  The instigator of the problem is spirit, and spiritual problems will never be properly resolved with merely a secular approach.  Who can a pastor turn to without the possibility of losing the trust of his congregation, or even worse, being asked to step away from the pulpit?  I have personally helped many pastors find true freedom and return to their position without disrupting, negatively effecting or upsetting their congregation. Most return with a better understanding and are able to utilize what they’ve learned to help other struggling members within their church find freedom as well.

What types of addiction are treated?

Anyone who truly understands the dynamics of addiction, knows who and what the real culprits are.  Addiction is not limited to just drugs or alcohol.  Summed up, addictive behavior is not the problem, but becomes a biproduct of the problem when the underlying issues are not properly addressed.  Biblically speaking, addiction behavior can be considered a form of idolatry.  It is seeking to gain something (some form of escape, power or comfort, etc.) from a person, place or thing that is only truly available through the Holy Spirit. The false comforts of addiction are temporal and are always followed with pain and suffering.  Someone will eventually pay the price.  Many pastors struggle for years with porn, masturbation and sex addiction because it can easily go on behind closed doors.  But a pastor with a sex addiction, without question will eventually be exposed.  Satan uses these struggles to tear apart families, churches, and the body of Christ as a whole. True effective porn and sex addiction help for pastors is available!

Can long-term freedom be achieved?

Absolutely!  There are tangible reasons why people do what they do and there is an absolute solution available.  We have what is known as cause and effect and most people are living within the effects of something initially caused by someone else.  There is One that knows, the Great Physician, and He will uncover the root, expose it for what it is, dispose of it, and heal the wounds caused by it.   Jesus said:  So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed. (John 8:35).  Take Him on His word!  Don’t wait until the consequences take you down…. reach out today!